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Updated:  Wednesday   November 14  2018
Headquartered in Portland, Oregon membership in the Columbia Poodle Club
is open to all who own, breed, show or just love purebred Poodles.
The Club is organized as a non-profit Oregon corporation.
The purposes of the Club include fostering friendship and respect among Poodle
owners, exhibitors and breeders, and encouraging high standards of breeding that
maintain the intelligence, athleticism, beauty and humor of the breed in accordance
with the Poodle Club of America Breed standard.
Policies of the Club encourage responsibility and
integrity in breeding practices of members, and
the testing and screening of breeding dogs to
control health issues in Poodles.
The Club sponsors two Poodle specialty shows in
Portland annually, preceding two large all breed
shows at the Portland Expo:  the Rose City Show in
January and the Stumptown Show in July.  These
are wonderful events for seeing beautiful Northwest
Poodles and to meet some of our members.
Please see the individual pages of this website for more
detailed information.  Our officers and directors are listed on
the Membership page, along with information about
becoming a member of the Club.
Learn about our Annual Summer Poodle Palooza for all Poodle lovers!